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In the decades since my days as a student, I have envisioned clean and healthy community, wherein the scope is to adapt a system that will caters to recycle waste and other products that are manufactured by other companies which can cause harm to our atmosphere and country as a whole. Our company’s commitment and focus is to launch and established what we can call “THE NEW GREEN BUSINESS FRONTIER”. The main objective is to manufacture and successfully can create supplies of recycled newspapers, glass bottles, plastic bottles, office paper, and other materials even used clothing's. In fact, recycling is not just a matter of recovering recyclable materials; it’s a total economic system. Few people realize that their local curbside collection program is only the beginning of a recycling loop. At present, the cost of collecting and processing recyclable materials far outweighs their value as a commodity that can be sold back to the industry. Unless consumers buy recycled products, the markets for the material they put out at the curb or into their bin will remain depressed. However, there are consumer demand for green products, which are Rubbermaid, Moor Business Forms and International Paper, and in local markets, paper products stationary, HEX Builders and other to name a few, and now entering American Airlines and Coca Cola which have made buying recycled products part of their overall business strategies. The success of recycling indeed, in its true values in the long-term won’t depend on how much landfill space is saved but on whether or not recycling makes economic sense. To build demand for recycled materials, government and business must not only reinvent themselves, but they must also reinvent their relationship, especially when it comes to economic problems that neither can be solve alone.